Wrigleyville is the social center at the heart of the northside of Chicago. And Wrigley Field rooftops are an integral part of that social experience!

Wrigleyville is the neighborhood directly surrounding Wrigley Field along North Clark and West Addison Streets. Wrigleyville architecture features low-rise brick buildings and houses. Wrigleyville bars and restaurants (particularly on North Clark St.) feature the Cubs culture with sports-oriented themes. The neighborhood has been a staging ground for a number of Hollywood movies, and the area's Irish-American roots are evident with plenty of Irish-themed pubs.

Chicago Cubs
Captain Morgan Club
O'Malley's Liquor Kitchen


Rooftops dotted the neighborhood of the area now called “Wrigleyville” well before 1914 when the ballpark was constructed and originally named Weeghman Park. Buildings on Waveland and Sheffield Avenues have a tremendous view overlooking the bleachers into the actual playing field. The Wrigley Field Rooftops have always been a fun gathering place for Chicago Cubs games. As recently as the 1980s, the “guests” were traditionally a few dozen fans taking in a game from the flat rooftops, windows, and porches of the buildings adjacent to the ballpark. In those days, the best accommodations consisted of a few folding chairs, a charcoal grill and a 6-pack (or two). The 1980’s ushered in a new era of rooftops as the neighborhood underwent a socio-cultural renewal. As more formal seating structures began to appear on the rooftops, the concept for the modern rooftop entrepreneurship was created.

As one of the oldest buildings in Wrigleyville, Down the Line Rooftop has always been a part of the rich history of the ballpark. Wrigley Field pulses with 97 years of beautiful history coursing through its brick walls, but you can be a part of something new at the Friendly Confines of the Down the Line Rooftop.

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